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I enjoy short walks to the cinema and then sitting down for a long period of time... Reading is good, but films are better. I like drawing, writing, filming. I don't like mushrooms and people that drink Primo One-Shot Decaf Soya Sugar-free Caramel Lattes. In all serious though, I like to be creative with whatever I happen to be able to get my hands on. I try to keep things simple, and enjoy trying new things. So I use my blog as a way to display whatever I decide is worth keeping, and I hope others like them too!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Kit Kat Cravings Ad

This was a project I did a few weeks ago. It's a 30 second television advert for Kit Kat designed to tickle that funny bone whilst keeping you focused on the product. It's not HD because of the rubbish camera I used, but I feel like the editing is at least decent enough from a technical standpoint.

This video is supposed to be in widescreen, but my Youtube knowledge is severely lacking so it's been squashed. Bear with me.
Now, this may make you want to eat a Kit Kat, so get you shoes on and prepare to run for your closest corner shop...

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