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I enjoy short walks to the cinema and then sitting down for a long period of time... Reading is good, but films are better. I like drawing, writing, filming. I don't like mushrooms and people that drink Primo One-Shot Decaf Soya Sugar-free Caramel Lattes. In all serious though, I like to be creative with whatever I happen to be able to get my hands on. I try to keep things simple, and enjoy trying new things. So I use my blog as a way to display whatever I decide is worth keeping, and I hope others like them too!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Beginnings

Hello there, my name is David Saint. Whether you've stumbled onto this blog by accident, by referall, or maybe you're stalking me...Welcome!

I think the best way to describe myself is a "dabbler". I dabble in things. Yeah. Work that one out.

On a more detailed note, I like to experiment with whatever takes my fancy. Poetry, Short Stories, Cartoons, Filming, you name it and i've probably tried it, failed at it, came back to it a year later and produced one good thing out of it. Because of this, my creative output can be...irratic at best. So if you like what you see, feel free to check the blog every now and then.

I'll start posting things as soon as I can, but the surprise for you guys will be what it could be! If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the few pieces of creativity I jumble together.

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