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I enjoy short walks to the cinema and then sitting down for a long period of time... Reading is good, but films are better. I like drawing, writing, filming. I don't like mushrooms and people that drink Primo One-Shot Decaf Soya Sugar-free Caramel Lattes. In all serious though, I like to be creative with whatever I happen to be able to get my hands on. I try to keep things simple, and enjoy trying new things. So I use my blog as a way to display whatever I decide is worth keeping, and I hope others like them too!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Under Construction

Huge news everyone, this blog is new. That means a plethora of empty pages. Sorry about that.

You'll be seeing quite a bit of this picture as I perfect the format of the blog, so if there's anything that has caught your eye but isn't yet complete, feel free to give me a prod to see if i'm still alive and i'll work as fast as possible to finish it.

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