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I enjoy short walks to the cinema and then sitting down for a long period of time... Reading is good, but films are better. I like drawing, writing, filming. I don't like mushrooms and people that drink Primo One-Shot Decaf Soya Sugar-free Caramel Lattes. In all serious though, I like to be creative with whatever I happen to be able to get my hands on. I try to keep things simple, and enjoy trying new things. So I use my blog as a way to display whatever I decide is worth keeping, and I hope others like them too!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

BO Drafts

Well, it's time to start displaying the few pieces of work I feel happy with. Now please bear with me, there aren't many pictures I ever end up keeping due to the fact that i'm such a cynical perfectionist.

This series's namesake originates from my source of inspiration. Call of Duty Black Ops (Can you spot the BO there? Well done you!) has a crummy little emblem maker, but I finally managed to toy around with it enough to create a manic smiley face I felt happy with. Let all foes who pick up my gun be distracted by the glaring red eyes of that crazy little man. Following this, I decided to try and perfect it and create some more variations. And so, the concept was born.

Anyway, at the risk of never getting round to showing anything, here are the first few base drafts for my BO images:

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